Unique Public Forum seeks a collaborative pathway for Australia’s energy market transformation

September 19, 2017 12:32 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A unique public forum on 12 September brought together heads of Australia’s energy regulatory bodies and key industry stakeholders. Hosted by John Pierce of the Australian Energy Market Commission, participants included the Energy Security Board’s Independent Chair Dr Kerry Schott, AEMO Chief Executive Officer Audrey Zibelman, AER Chair Paula Conboy and Energy Consumers Australia CEO Rosemary Sinclair.

John Pierce noted that noted the AEMC is working closely with the AER and AEMO through the Energy Security Board process, to deliver advice to the COAG Energy Council regarding their Strategic Energy Plan.

A discussion paper was released as the next step in developing strategic priorities to address challenges in the energy sector and to harness opportunities from advancements in energy technologies, as requested by the COAG Energy Council in December 2016. These priorities will contribute to the COAG Energy Council’s strategic energy plan, as recommended by the Finkel Panel review.

Audrey Zibelman commented that with higher levels of renewable energy penetration, there is a need to add more “dispatchable services”. Audrey added that resources are needed to maintain system balance by either increasing supply or withdrawing demand, and that these resources could be anywhere on the system.

Input from a wide range of stakeholders is encouraged to help shape the change in the energy market agenda. Submissions direct to the AEMC are due by 10 October 2017 and will inform the COAG Energy Council’s strategic priorities and work programs for the next three years.  Alternatively, the AESA is able to assist with compiling comments for submission to the AEMC as a group, if received by 2 October.

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