How Rooftop Solar and Battery Systems Can Help Networks Better Manage the Energy Grid

October 26, 2017 3:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There is an emerging perception that solar PV is troublesome for the performance of Australian electricity networks by potentially increasing voltage variability. The Networks Renewed trial aims to address that perception by clearly demonstrating how solar PV and batteries can instead be a valuable resource for the businesses who manage electricity networks; changing the problem into a solution.

Pilot results are in!

We are pleased to be releasing the pilot results from both our NSW and Victorian trials.

NSW results

Over the past 12 months, we have run a pilot program in Collombatti NSW, trialling how smart solar PV and battery systems can be used to help networks manage the quality of electricity supply on the energy grid.

25 trial systems that have now been installed in Collombatti. These systems make up a virtual power station, which can respond to times of low and high voltages by generating and storing electricity. Our NSW network partner, Essential Energy is able to place bids for network support with the participants in the virtual power station.

Some early test results are in! For two tests conducted in late September where Essential Energy placed a bid for support, the virtual power station was able to generate over 50kW of electricity, improving local voltage by 1.73%. Our total target voltage for the trial program is 5.5%, which we will work towards as we extend the virtual power plant into the market scale trial. The chart below shows how the tests played out.