Positive developments for residential storage: product standards update

September 27, 2017 3:32 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The controversy around standards for residential on-site storage batteries is moving closer to a sensible resolution following a round table discussion between industry big wigs earlier this month.

As readers will be aware draft AS/NZS 5139 requires batteries to be installed outside of residential premises. On its release for consultation the draft standards were widely criticised by the industry, as impractical and overly restrictive.  The standards were soon withdrawn but are nevertheless a set-back for the industry.  Some storage manufacturers have halted plans to expand manufacturing in Australia following release of the draft standards.  It’s critical that progress is made on this issue to reassure businesses.  Any adopted standards must combine necessary safety standards while not suffocate the burgeoning industry.

In a positive move towards this earlier this month Standards Australia brought together a group of senior industry and government leaders to discuss the introduction of residential on-site battery storage standards. As part of that discussion agreement was reached to fast track the development and adoption of a standard that will enable the continued roll-out of residential batteries, while meeting community safety expectations.  The new approach will put the primary responsibility for safety on the product manufacturer, rather than installers.  The expectation is that the new draft standards will allow in-house installation if the battery meets international safety standards, and is installed by an accredited installer.

Standards Australia will release a new draft of the standards for a second of public consultation in due course.

Liam Rogers


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