OutBack Power OPTICS RE – Remote Monitoring and Control of Renewable Energy Systems

March 29, 2016 5:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

OutBack Power, an advanced manufacturer and designer of power electronics, have introduced OPTICS RE for their renewable energy systems. OPTICS RE is a cloud based application that allows installers and users alike to not only monitor but also assume full management and control of their renewable energy systems. Configuration changes, troubleshooting and turning systems up or down, can now all be done from any location with the internet access.

With the increasing prevalence of batteries in domestic and small commercial solar applications, there was a clear need for a platform that can monitor and manage the storage performance. “An investment in renewable energy is a large commitment, which is why those who do invest want to increase their returns by maximising system performance, minimising their energy costs, and importantly protecting their system investments,” said Derick Martins, Regional Manager, OutBack Power.

Derick also says “Being able to receive alerts then remotely troubleshoot is a real advantage to any installer, reducing travel and ultimately saving the installer time and customer money”. OPTICS RE has over 600 parameters that can be monitored and adjusted remotely at any time. Also as firmware upgrades become available to expand functionality or performance of systems OPTICS RE may be used to push these updates to the system, further reducing the need for costly installer site visits.

“As someone who manages multiple solar power sites, I am always looking for ways to make my process more efficient. The ability to monitor system data remotely will not only save me time and money by ensuring that I only make site visits when necessary, it will also benefit my customers by involving them in the oversight of their systems,” said Mankat Dewa, CEO of Glotek Ideal Solution, a company that develops and manages solar construction projects.

For more information visit or call the Sydney office on +612 8599 6960.