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Energy company Magellan Power is pleased to be part of a new $8.8 million power system rollout as announced yesterday by Energy Minister Bill Johnston.

57 sites across WA’s South West are now set to receive Stand-alone Power Systems (SPS), the majority of which will carry Magellan Power designed and engineered equipment.

Building on a successful trial in the Great Southern Region, Western Power will roll out SPS Round 1 in multiple geographical locations over the next 3 years. The units supplied will range from less than 5kWh, to supply electric fences and dam pumps, to 50kWh for large-scale agricultural businesses.

SPS’s use integrated hybrid systems comprised of a renewable energy source, storage and/or back-up generator. These remote power supply systems provide an alternative to rebuilding aging poles and wires, as well as improve customers’ power reliability. Magellan Power’s role is a key sub-contractor to Hybrid Systems Australia for the supply of battery and inverter equipment.
Managing Director of Magellan Power, Masoud Abshar, said “for the past 10 years Magellan Power has worked hard to stay in front of this new wave of technology and it is heartening to be recognised as an Australian manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art energy storage solutions.”

Round 1 of the Western Power rollout will help to further demonstrate that predominately renewable energy electricity systems can both improve regional power supplies and save money on network infrastructure.


Magellan Power was founded in 1991 by Masoud Abshar in Perth, Western Australia, after he noticed a distinct lack of opportunity in the Power Electronics industry for West Australian engineers. He saw the potential for Australian engineers to design and manufacture power equipment that would be customised to suit Australian customer needs and the harsh, rugged climate. In 2009 Magellan Power used its existing technology to expand into energy storage, and now has a range of cutting edge renewable products. Magellan has a team of 55 people working for them, employing local research and development engineers, technicians, accountants, project managers, business development managers and more. The company also works closely with local universities on developing new technologies for the power industry. Magellan products can be found supporting numerous industries including, hospitals, substations, oil rigs, airports and mines as well as on Australian warships both in Australia and overseas.


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