New ARC Research Hub for Integrated Energy Storage Solutions

February 18, 2020 8:42 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Celebrating its official launch on Thursday 20th February at UNSW Sydney, the Australian Research Council’s Research Hub for Integrated Energy Storage Solutions is a $12 million collaborative research program working across 5 technology focus points: battery technologies including supercapacitors, fuel cells, power-to-gas, virtual storage and the overarching optimisation and integration of storage, together with associated economic and regulatory research. With access to world-class facilities and highly qualified researchers leading projects, the Research Hub aims to generate new knowledge and pivotal technologies with pathways to industry uptake both in Australia and internationally.

The Hub’s approach looks at not just individual storage technologies, but also how they can be integrated into electricity and economic frameworks. A range of projects are dedicated to monitoring, optimisation and control strategies and tools to integrate batteries, demand management and industrial process controls for a more stable electricity supply for customers without relying on heavy investments in new network and generation infrastructure. Much of this work would be complex without industry engagement – for example, being able to collaborate with an aluminium smelter will allow researchers to investigate process controls to maintain production quality whilst varying volumes according to energy supply constraints and costs.

The Improved battery storage theme will be looking at higher energy and power density batteries, battery technologies that can safely function in more extreme environments and holistic knowledge of state-of-health and state-of-charge models to build better life cycle management practices.
The program also investigates key technology and material barriers to the conversion of cheap intrants, such as excess renewable electricity, into stored vectors such as hydrogen and other feedstocks. With projects dedicated to hydrogen storage technology and different steps of the electrolysis chain, results will contribute to Australia’s hydrogen economy.

With funding from the ARC, UNSW and more than a dozen industry partners, and with as many leading researchers working collaboratively across 20 distinctive project, the ARC Research Hub is aiming to drive growth, productivity and competitiveness within the energy sector.

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