Largest behind-the meter commercial battery system in Australia now commissioned

May 27, 2019 6:12 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The installation of a pioneering solution with 900kWh of vanadium redox flow machines coupled with a 120kW C1-rated lithium battery, is now located on the roof of Monash University’s new Biomedical Learning and Teaching building. Colin Gillam, Australian Regional Manager, redT Energy commented that “the system was installed at the end of last year and has since been commissioned.  Further work is being undertaken with the Net Zero team on the integration of the system as a key part of the wider Monash Microgrid project.”

The redT hybrid system controls both long- and short-duration energy storage for the whole Clayton campus. The flow machine is the ‘work horse’ delivering 80% of the demand/supply and stores energy for over 4 hours. The lithium battery is used for occasional bursts of short demand spikes and stores energy for 1-2 hours.  Any excess solar generated during daylight hours is stored  in the flow machine system and then discharged when needed later at night. Occasional high-power demand peaks are handled by the lithium battery. These complementary technologies work in harmony to meet the complex energy requirements of the Monash Microgrid.
Colin added that, “this installation, and the entire process of working with Monash university, has demonstrated to us the significant opportunities present in the Australian market for heavy-cycling, energy storage infrastructure such as flow machines.”

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