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Battery Energy Storage Systems have seen a significant technological development and cost reduction in a last decade. The demand for these systems is increasing because they can lead to energy self-sufficiency, offset peak loads and provide back-up power during blackouts. GSES offers a variety of courses and publications covering topics of Solar Battery Storage. These courses are suited for engineers and installers but also for anyone else who wishes to understand how the Battery Storage Systems work in conjunctions with Photovoltaic Systems, batteries characteristics and their correct sizing to make sure that the investment is beneficial.

GSES Professional Short Course: Solar Battery System Fundamentals

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to grid-connected battery energy systems and how they work in conjunction with a PV System. You will learn about emerging battery technologies, batteries characteristics and their sizing, typical functions including providing backup during grid outages and off-setting peak loads.

Upon completion, Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited designers/installers will be eligible for 50 CPD points.

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GSES Publication: Grid-Connected PV Systems with Battery Storage

This resource book has been developed to incorporate all the different criteria required when undertaking the design of a PV grid connected inverter system with battery storage, be it lithium ion or lead acid.

This book focuses on:

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GSES Webinar: Anatomy of Lithium Ion Batteries Webinar

Would you like to gain an in-depth understanding of Lithium Ion battery system technologies currently available on the market?

This webinar helps you to understand the fundamentals of lithium ion batteries including construction of the battery cells, battery chemistry, common battery electrolytes and their associated risks, failure mechanisms, and safety requirements.

Upon successful completion, the participant will receive a GSES certificate of completion, which can be submitted to the Clean Energy Council (CEC) to earn CEC accredited designers and installers 45 CPD points.

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