Ecoult is Taking Australian Ingenuity to India

December 12, 2017 5:46 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

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By Robert Stevenson, ECOULT

Ecoult’s expanding energy storage role in India, partnered with India’s largest battery manufacturer Exide Industries, was on display at the IFC Climate Business Forum in New Delhi on 29 November.

We were excited to meet Australia’s High Commissioner, Ms Harinder Sidhu, who spent considerable time interrogating Ecoult CEO John Wood to understand the benefits of the CSIRO invented UltraBattery® that Ecoult exclusively develops with its manufacturing partner in India.

John described Ecoult’s entry into India as both exciting and perfectly timed. “There is so much buzz about energy storage around the world – but nobody has embraced the concept quite like India,” he said. “The passion and will of the Indian Government to extract the environmental benefits offered by storage is unmatched in the world and extremely encouraging. Where we see tens of thousands of storage units going into houses in Europe, America and Australia, in India the numbers are in the tens of millions – there’s an extraordinarily exciting transformation going on”.

Ecoult and Exide are jointly promoting the Australian-invented battery in India along with the smart hardware and software systems to manage them, designed and created by Ecoult’s Sydney engineering team.

Ecoult’s mission is simple and direct – to provide energy storage for a cleaner planet. India is the perfect place to make maximum impact with our highly temperature tolerant chemistry. The fully recyclable UltraBattery® (with 96% reused as a new battery) and the algorithms we have created to smooth renewables, backup grids and save 50 to 90 percent of diesel on microgrid systems is the perfect tool to achieve our mission.

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High Commissioner to India, Ms Harinder Sidhu, talks with Ecoult CEO John Wood (left) and Ecoult’s India Territory Engineer, Joeri Baetens