Bruny Island Trial Demonstrates Household Batteries Participating in the Grid

May 24, 2019 11:31 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Final research reports for the Bruny Island Battery Trial are now available on the CONORT website at

Laura Jones from TasNetworks, one of the CONSORT partners, has provided an update on this ARENA supported project:

“TasNetworks has been honoured to be a part of the CONSORT Bruny Island Battery trial. In this innovative trial,  34 customers on Bruny Island became active participants in the grid through Reposit equipped smart battery systems. The batteries acted to reduce diesel generation on Bruny Island at peak times by 33% while providing an additional value stream for the participating customers.

This trial included a number of key innovations.
·       It developed a world-leading battery orchestration algorithm called Network Aware Coordination (NAC);
·       It trialled value-reflective network support payments, which reflected the unique, individual value ach customer provides the network; and
·       It included a dedicated social science team who provided detailed, unique insight into the customer experience.

For TasNetworks there were many learnings from the project. At a technical level we proved that the future envisaged in the trial works. We achieved a 33% reduction in diesel consumption on Bruny Island, and the local community were enthusiastic participants with over 100 expressions of interest from the local community. As always there were lots of things we learned along the way though. There are lots of detailed learnings in the final reports. In particular we learned about the sort of guidance and support we need to give customers and service providers (such as solar/battery installers) to help them navigate the complexity in this future. Similarly our experience with NAC helps us determine how we manage the network with customers as active participants in the grid.

TasNetworks has taken and will take several actions as outcomes from this trial:
·       We will continue procuring support services from customers on Bruny Island;
·       We will are continuing to develop NAC, with a current project investigating inking NAC to the wholesale market; and
·       We are developing strategies to use network support services elsewhere in Tasmania where there is value.

This project would not have been possible without the generous support form ARENA who provided $2.9m out of the $7.9m total project cost under their research & development funding round.

Final trial reports were released on 7 May, 2019 and links to these are available at