Seeking to Place European Institutional Funds into Australian Energy Storage Assets

May 26, 2016 11:52 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Professor Peter Droege, President of Eurosolar and General Chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy recently contacted the AESA indicating significant European institutional investment interest in Australian energy storage assets.   Peter also leads the Vaduz and Berlin based Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development providing worldwide services , training and trade in renewable infrastructure, city planning and energy autonomous, water sensitive urban design.

Professor Droege has provided the following for interested parties:

The organisation also provides vetted access to top-quality international investment funds for the energy storage industry. While in principle open to any kind of monetisable storage system, thermal or electric, here is a general profile for hard curency equity placements in Australia. Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development / ISD Finance Australian Energy Storage Related Investment Interests Profile I May 2016 Target Investments:  Project level equity investment of AUD5-50m (larger with co-investors) Target Sectors:  Any energy storage application, including:

  1. a)      Power Fleet Optimization (C&I peak shaving/demand charge reduction, renewable integration projects)
  2. b)      Remote/Island Area Supply
  3. c)      T&D deferral
  4. d)      Peaker plant replacement/bulk power
  5. e)      Ancillary Services
  6. f)       Operating Reserve
  7. g)      Other

Risk/return profile:  Typical infrastructure risk/return profiles, with the possibilities of:

  1. a)       Predictable, contracted cash flows;
  2. b)       Market/merchant risk (with attractive payback periods);
  3. c)       A suitable combination of a) and b)

Investment stage:  Typically investment into construction-ready projects. Pragmatic view to late stage development risks

Gearing Policy:  Project level gearing permitted

Project lifetime:  Minimum approximately 5 years

Term:  12 years from first close with up to 2 one year extensions

Investment Period:  54 months from first close

For more details, contact Peter Droege