Ice Energy Sets Sights Down Under

December 8, 2016 1:52 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The United States energy storage company Ice Energy is looking for distributors in the Australian market to extend the reach of their successful Ice Bear product line. CEO Mike Hopkins explained ‘There are particular global locations tailor made for our suite of TES solutions and foremost among those are Australia and New Zealand.’ These markets are of interest due to the significant strains put on local grids, high infrastructure improvement costs and the high availability of solar and wind energy. A key lesson learned from the Germany’s Energiewende (Energy Transition) program was the importance of energy storage solutions to complement the widespread implementation of renewable energy sources.

Ice Energy’s line of hybrid thermal energy storage and direct cooling solutions replace the traditional air conditioning systems which are known to be the largest consumers of peak energy usage. The Ice Bear solution works by freezing water at night or when available solar or wind energy is available and using ice to provide comfort cooling during on-peak periods. The Ice Bear reduces peak energy consumption by up to 95%. The Ice Bear’s ‘ice battery’ can be recharged during off-peak periods or when renewable sources are readily available.

Both the Ice Bear 20 and Ice Bear 10 (aka Ice Cub) solutions completely replace existing HVAC systems and provide both direct cooling and thermal energy storage capabilities. The Ice Bear 20 is designed for larger homes and light commercial applications and the Ice Cub’s modular design is ideal for smaller homes.

Download the full case study here.